Once you decide to learn a musical instrument, you will be invited to come along and watch other children having lessons on the same instrument you have chosen. Some of these children will have just started, some may be quite advanced and will show you the kind of ability you will have once you have started to learn.

Your teacher and parents will ask you to listen to a tape or CD of the music you will be playing even before you have started to take formal lessons. This way you will already know what the music sounds like when you start to learn. You will also be expected to listen to recordings of classical music in general so that you can hear music played at its very best. This music you can choose yourself. There is no right or wrong answer. You may like the music of some composers and dislike the music of others. It’s for you to decide.

Once you start lessons, one of your parents will be asked to come with you. They will take notes in the lesson and help you to practise at home. When you’re older, perhaps 11 or 12 or have passed a Grade 5 examination or its equivalent, you will probably start to practise by yourself. But, to begin with, let one of your parents help.

Your teacher will let you and your parents know what is to be practiced during the week. Don’t worry, you don’t have to practise every day. Suzuki himself said:

"Only Practise On The Days You Eat!"

When you attend your lesson you will be asked to arrive early so that you can watch part of the lesson before yours. Equally, another child will come in to watch the end of your lesson. This way you will get to meet and share music with other children.

You will also share music with other children in your group lesson. This will probably take place once a week. The exact format of a group lesson will vary according to teacher. But, in all of them you will experience playing in a group and will learn technique and musicianship outside the individual lesson experience.

Throughout the year, there will be concerts, workshops, play togethers and courses. Please feel free to join as many of these as you can and want to. You’re not just learning an instrument, you’re making friends.

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