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How to choose a teacher?

To find a Suzuki teacher, please download the list below and contact two or three teachers in your area directly.

 If you are not sure about which instrument to choose, it may be possible to observe a lesson before making your choice. Learning a musical instrument is a big commitment for the child, the parent and the teacher so it is important to make the right decision.

The figures in brackets after the name indicate the level of training that the teacher has reached, 5 being the highest. 'Mats' indicates that the teacher graduated in Matsumoto, Japan, while * indicates post-graduate study in Matsumoto. Other letters after the level indicate the country in which the teacher trained.

If you are unable to contact a teacher or would like to talk to someone more generally, please feel free to contact the British Suzuki Institute during office hours. Someone there will be happy to help you. 

Click here for a list of registered BSI teachers. Our Teacher List is sorted by instrument and region, town/county and, finally, postcode - which we hope will make it easier for you to find a teacher in your area.

Teachers can also be contacted directly via http://www.europeansuzuki.org


Suzuki Groups

Most Suzuki teachers offer group lessons in addition to weekly individual lessons. Some teachers just give a group lesson to their own pupils, others club together with other Suzuki teachers to form larger, more formal groups which run local events and concerts for members. These are a few of the current Suzuki groups in the UK. Remember to download the list of registered BSI teachers above for a full list of Suzuki teachers in the UK.

www.annadelnevo.co.uk (Henley Suzuki Violin Group)


















www.two-me.co.uk - Tunbridge Wells, Orpington and Medway Suzuki Group



Liverpool Suzuki Group - contact Jane Panter (see list of registered BSI teachers)


St Albans Suzuki Group - contact Mona Kodama, Juan Drown, Ruth Furniss, Kasia Borowiak (piano), Sara Bethge or Mary Walton (cello). (See list of registered BSI teachers.)


Galloway Suzuki Group - Teacher Cate Howard

Contact Gillian Hodson 01644 470340 gallowaymusicschool@gmail.com




If you are running a Suzuki group and would like it listed on this page please contact the BSI via admin@britishsuzuki.com