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The European Suzuki Association was formed about the same time as The British Suzuki Institute with like-minded teachers in Europe. The ESA continues the work of Dr. Suzuki on a European level and liaises with the International Suzuki Association on behalf of the UK. The ESA sets the guidelines for Teacher Training Courses and the examinations for each of the 5 training levels. The teacher training course offered by the BSI is thus an internationally accredited course of study.

The Suzuki Method is offered in over 40 countries world-wide. As The British Suzuki Institute is the national organisation for the UK, so each country has its own association to serve its members and to promote the Suzuki Method and name, for a full list of all the Suzuki Associations please click on one of the links below.

European Suzuki Association
The Suzuki Association of the Americas
International Suzuki Association