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1. The Suzuki Method Trains Musicians
The Suzuki Method is not intended to be a training ground for professional musicians. The fact that an increasing number of the world’s top musicians began their study via the Suzuki method is a tribute to the method’s ability to teach, but not its actual intention. The goal of Dr. Suzuki was to enrich people’s lives and make them more understanding and sensitive human beings.

2. Suzuki students can’t read music
Although the Suzuki method places early emphasis on listening to music rather than reading it, Suzuki students are taught to read music and in a full course of study become as adept at sight-reading as students who started their study with the printed page.

3. The Suzuki Method Is All About Groups
Every Suzuki student has an individual lesson once a week. Group lessons, also usually weekly, are added to expand and enhance a child’s learning.